Alaina is Celebrating 1 Year at Arby's!

Alaina Boshears at Arby's

"Alaina is always a pleasure to have around and we love having her in the restaurant."

Alaina is celebrating her 1 year employment anniversary with Arby’s! Alaina first came to us in 2021 looking for a job working with food prep, and we connected her with another position which turned out to not be the best fit for her. But sometimes trial and error is the best way to find what DOES work!

She loves her job prepping food at Arby’s, and her supervisor recently told us “Alaina has been doing a phenomenal job. We are really lucky to have her on our team! She has continually grown her responsibilities and has been up for whatever additional tasks we have needed her to do. Alaina is always a pleasure to have around and we love having her in the restaurant. I personally appreciate that she is always in a great mood and never hesitates to get right into the action when she arrives.”

We love seeing Alaina learn and grow!

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