April Jobseeker Highlights

David and 3 other jobseekers work at In The Image.

“You’re shoulder to shoulder with them all the way, your surplus matching their deficit, their surplus matching your deficit. In the end you come out even.”


This is David and he will forever be the 200th jobseeker placed by the team at Beyond26. He is one of four Beyond26 jobseekers that volunteer at IN THE IMAGE. David and the others are able to use their abilities to help IN THE IMAGE provide programs and resources to individuals and families in crisis.

This is a great example of the Beyond26 vision being lived out. Our jobseekers are able to fill a need and in turn are also able to develop new skills. 

“We love the crew, we are very appreciative of their work and we wish they could be here every day!”

-Maritza, In the Image

“It’s been so good for them to come and learn new skills and interact with other people. Helps them build character and develop social skills.”

-Benaiah, supervisor

Other April jobseeker Highlights

Newly Employed Jobseekers:

Jared M. is working at the Momentum Center (Grand Haven), Kim D. is working Beyond26 Document Shredding, Shawn W. is working at Meijer, and Hope B. is working at Renew Mobility.