Building Community is at Our Core

We aim to demonstrate commitment, compassion, and community as we work with individuals before, during, and after the employment process. Building a community with love and compassion for all is an expression of our faith.

The Gathering Place

The Beyond26 Gathering Place is a social event for individuals with disabilities. There are two locations and we meet two times a month. Follow the link below for more information.

Beyond26 Annual Golf Outing

The Beyond26 Annual Golf Outing is a great way to have fun while helping us bridge the gap between local businesses and a community of jobseekers. Follow the links below to find out how to register to golf at the event as well as how you can become a sponsor for the event.

The Beyond26 Gala

The Beyond26 Gala is a fun social event where we enjoy great food and drinks as we celebrate the gifts and talents of each of our jobseekers. The 2022 theme was The Ripple Effect and the theme for the 2023 Gala was Beauty Beyond Limits. Stay tuned to find out if we capitalize on a proven theme for the next gala event or if we create something entirely new.