Celebrate the Successes of Our Employed Jobseekers

Beyond26 is committed to finding jobs for individuals with disabilities. This has been our sole focus since our creation in early 2018. Celebrate the success of our employed jobseekers with us! Will you be our next success story?

Success Story: Jeff

Community Food Club

Jeff is volunteering at the Community Food Club.

“I like my job because I can work at my own pace. I also enjoy talking to my job coach because she is nice and she helps me!”

Success Story: Drew

Panera Bread

Drew is putting smiles on faces as an associate at Panera Bread.

“At my new job, I’ve learned how to be careful to make sure my workspace is neat, it’s helped me be more helpful at home too. I’m proud of a job well done.”

Image of Beyond26 worker in front of Fire Rock Grill

Success Story: Macey

New Life Thrift Store

“Macey comes home tired but happy and seems to be so much more fulfilled to have a job and purpose! I am so grateful for you and the work that you do at Beyond26, you have blessed my daughter with a pretty awesome new life!”

– Becky, Macey’s Mom

Success Story: Darian

J&H Family Stores

“The process was simplified from anything else I have tried… I just talked to them and they started looking through what I said that my interests were, and it was all so fast.”

– Darian, Associate (J&H Family Stores)

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Image of Beyond26 worked employed at Horrocks

Success Story: Emily

Horrocks Market

“Emily’s job has made her feel wanted and needed, and she’s a very productive member of society. She has grown so much… It has provided her with social interaction, making friends, and just that sense of self worth. I have seen a lot of growth.”

– Christine, Emily’s Mom

Success Story: Courtney

J&H Family Stores

“Courtney has been a godsend to our team here at Walker. She’s a hard worker that pushes past her own comfort zone and amazes me daily.”

– Bonnie, General Manager (J&H Family Stores)
Beyond26 image of convenience store worker
Image of Farm Bureau employer and employee

Success Story: Phil

Farm Bureau Insurance

“Phil just brings a positive energy and positive attitude to work, which is infectious for all of us at the office.”

– Mike, Owner (Farm Bureau Insurance)

Success Story: Sarah

New Life Thrift Store

“Sarah is truly a blessing to the New Life Thrift Store. She works hard and always has a positive attitude and smile. She has grown so much since starting with us. She has been a great addition to our store. Beyond26 is so easy to work with.”

– Betsy, Store Manager (New Life Thrift Store)
Image of employer and employee working together
Young man working at Meijer

Success Story: Eric

Meijer Distribution

“Eric is a great team member – a joy to work with, very eager to do a great job, asking for feedback. I can’t say enough about the work ethic that he has. It’s just been a really great fit.”

– Seth, Unit Director (Meijer Distribution)

Success Story: Sean

North Kent Connect

“It is always a JOY and Pleasure to have Sean volunteering with us. He is dependable and such a hard worker. We love having him as part of our team. Thank you!”

– Beverly (North Kent Connect)
Beyond26 image of worker