February Jobseeker Highlights

Four Jobseekers Get Pew Busters Off the Ground!

Pew Busters

"We loved it!"

Meet our amazing Pew Busters crew! Jon, Kristen, Tyler and Jeff have now cleaned one of our participating churches for two weeks.  When asked if they enjoy it, they all responded with, “We loved it!” 

Pew Busters aims to equip our jobseekers with more experience by providing light custodial services at churches such as, dusting, vacuuming, straightening the sanctuary, picking-up left behind garbage, setting up Bibles in pews and watering plants.

Our hope is to continue to grow this program and be able to help our jobseekers grow their skills and abilities!

Other February Jobseeker Highlights

Newly Employed Jobseekers:

Tony is working at Weller Truck Parts, Cassandra has started at SECOM Resource Center, and Trenton is working at Chick-Fil-A.

Six-Month Anniversary
Milo (Rustic Market); Olivia (Nothing Bundt Cakes); Ami (Wedgwood Christian Services); Zachary (Family Network of Wyoming)
One-Year Anniversary
Elizabeth (YMCA)
Two-Year Anniversary
Larissa (GH B26 Document Shredding)
Three-Year Anniversary
Katie (J&H Family Stores)
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