Beyond The Kitchen

Very few people can truly say they enjoy mopping and dishwashing, but Macey does. After connecting with Beyond 26 earlier this year she accepted a job doing just that at Firerock Grill. 

She’s worked there for almost two months and is succeeding and loving the work. Macey explained that this job uses skills she’s already learned, so it’s a perfect fit. 

“(Her boss) mentioned that they really enjoy having her and she’s catching on great with everything, so that was awesome to hear!” Macey’s mom, Becky, said. 

Macey also mentioned that Firerock has been a much better work environment than her previous employment where she worked alone. Now she enjoys working alongside her coworkers. She grins as she shares that her coworkers always make her laugh and make her days better. 

Additionally, Firerock works with Macey’s schedule, giving her four hours of work every weekday which is exactly what she was looking for. This also allows her to enjoy her weekends with her family and cats. 

“I am so grateful for you and the work that you do at Beyond 26, you have blessed my daughter with a pretty awesome new life!” Becky, said.