Michigan Disability Resources

According to the CDC, in Michigan 29% or 1 in 3 adults have a disability. West Michigan is proving to be a place that has the tools and resources to help disabled adults thrive. In fact, in 2013 Michigan was ranked 8th in the country in terms of services for disabled individuals by an organization called, United Cerebral Palsy. Grand Rapids is also ranked 61st in terms of cities most accessible to adults with disabilities. Wallethub used a ranking system looking at three factors: economy, quality of life and healthcare in making their determinations. 

Beyond statistics, West Michigan is made up of inclusive businesses both large and small. Partnered with Beyond26, they are able to hire people who have struggled to find employment in the past. In the attached guide, 35 local organizations are listed. The guide highlights organizations working in numerous areas including: advocacy, employment, housing, legal, recreation, support services, finances and transportation. Beyond26 as well as the many other local resources are what help make Michigan a great place for adults with disabilities to thrive. You can find the resource guide here.