Get to Know Berdene

Berdene’s infectious smile and eagerness to to help anybody who may need it is truly a one of a kind gift. Meeting Berdene is like meeting an old friend even if you’ve just met. 

Every month Berdene volunteers to help run the Beyond26/All Belong get-togethers where the attendees eat snacks, make friends and often volunteer together. She ensures that everyone feels welcome and helps clean up after the event is done. 

Berdene also enjoys making keychains for people, whether a close friend or someone she just met, she strives to put a smile on their face and help them feel accepted and loved. 

This spring Berdene started a new job working at Brann’s Steakhouse as a custodian. Berdene explains that she loves her job and enjoys going to work each day.

While at work Berdene is kept busy, she sweeps and mops the whole building as well as cleaning the bathrooms and the kitchen.  Berdene said that her favorite part of her new job is getting to know her coworkers.