Get To Know Nicole

Since May Nicole has volunteered once a week at the New Life Thrift Store alongside her friend Sarah, who is another Beyond26 jobseeker. 

Together they sort boxes and bags of donations before they get put out on the main shop floor. Nicole is a huge Disney fan, so her favorite part of coming in to work is seeing the movies that are brought in for donation. She said that her favorite movie is Beauty and The Beast, but was quick to clarify that the original is the superior version. 

Nicole and Sarah have made a great team and Betsy from New Life Thrift who oversees their work is happy with what they’ve accomplished and learned on the job so far. 

“It has been a blessing to be an influence in the lives of those from Beyond26. We are happy to supply a safe place where young adults can work on job skills that will help them in the future,” Betsy said. 

Outside of work Nicole stays busy with numerous hobbies. Beyond Disney and other movies she also loves swimming. She has spent a lot of time this summer at her grandpa’s pool, a sure way to beat the heat. 

Nicole also enjoys babysitting and spending time with her baby niece. She laughed, explaining that when her niece comes over she needs to make sure her belongings are out of reach unless she wants a baby getting into them. 

Nicole has been a huge help and blessing to the staff at New Life Thrift. With her kind heart and quickness to smile and offer help to anyone in need she is well loved by her coworkers, friends and family.