Get To Know Nathan

Like so many others, Nathan was laid off during the COVID-19 pandemic. This spring he was ready to get out of the house and back to work. 

Through Beyond 26 he was able to get a volunteer position with the Rustic Market thrift store. Since April he’s been working two days a week in the donations department. His main jobs include bringing donations into the building after they are dropped off and sorting the items. 

Nathan’s boss said that he’s doing a great job and has been a huge help to the Rustic Market team with the high volume of donations brought in daily. 

Nathan enjoys his coworkers and explained that his favorite part of the job is seeing the variety of items brought in for donation. 

Good thing Nathan enjoys being kept busy while at work because in the short time I was there, there was an almost constant stream of individuals bringing donations for Nathan to take care of. He said that while he’s there it’s almost always busy, which he likes. 

As Nathan greeted the donors with a smile and instructed them where to place their donations and how to fill out the tax form it was clear that he’s succeeding in his new workplace.