Get To Know Courtney

This July we are celebrating with Courtney and her six months of employment at J&H Stores. She loves her job and is a hard worker who is quick to offer help in any way. 

“Courtney has been a godsend to our team here at Walker. She’s a hard worker that pushes past her own comfort zone and amazes me daily,” Bonnie, Courtney’s boss, said. 

J&H has been the perfect fit for Courtney as she wanted a part time job in which she could work four hours a few days a week, at J&H they were easily able to accommodate this schedule. 

At work Courtney stays busy sweeping floors, stocking shelves, cleaning the bathroom, stocking the freezer, bagging ice and making sure everything looks nice in the store. 

“We all love Courtney here and she’s come so far,” Bonnie said. 

Outside of work Courtney loves reading, watching movies, and doing paint-by-numbers. She has four nephews whom she loves going on walks with. 

Courtney is a kind and helpful woman who has been a wonderful addition to the J&H team. Between her friendly demeanor and her hard working attitude she’s loved by her coworkers as well as her family and friends.